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We need your help to keep cost down and be efficient. The Water District is asking each customer watch out for damage to the water meter lid and meter reading device attached to the lid. Each meter lid has an electronic transmitter attached to it which can be damaged by fire or driving over the transmitter. Mowers, tractors and vehicles should drive around the meter lid, which will help protect the transmitter. Another way to protect the transmitter is by making sure the burning of grass or leaves is done away from the meter lid. Damages to the lid and transmitter can cause the useage reading to be off and cause personnel to have to return to the meter and get a correct read. We try to be as effecient as possible and those extra trips might delay the employees from getting to a locate request that might prevent a contractor from damaging a water line. Besides in Rule #6 Item D states: Water meters will be owned and maintained by the District. Meters will be kept in proper operating condition by the District. Water Meters or other components of the water meter installation damaged or destroyed through tampering or abuse will be repaired or replaced at the customers expense. The District, at its discretion, may consider a one-time waiver of fees to repair accidental damages to meters and meter sets.