Current Projects

PWSD #6 is a hub of activity! Spring/Summer 2022-2023 brought several large construction projects that some of you may have seen out in the District.

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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GPS Mapping

Staff continue to record field data of Water Meter, Water Valve, Water Hydrant, and newly constructed Water Mains locations and conditions to create a reliable digital mapping of the Districts Water System.

Water Meter Change Out Program

PWSD 6 has applied and been granted ARPA funding through Clay County commissioners  for an extensive Meter Change Out Program. Several Water Meters in the District have been deemed outdated and are in need of replacement. 750 Meters in total are targeted for replacement in 2023.

Northridge Farms

A water main extension was complete for 5 additional lots on Fishing River Ln, off of Woodlyn Dr. on 4/5/2023. This extension consisted of new 4” C900 PVC Water Main is a big upgrade from the previous, less durable, PVC Water Mains.

92 Highway Standpipe

The water standpipe located at A Highway and 92 Highway has been inspected, cleaned, and painted. The I-35 Water Tower is scheduled for cleaning and painting in 2023.

Eagle View Subdivision

Located off of Southridge Dr. and West of A Highway, the water infrastructure has been installed and is ready for service for these 5 additional lots.

Kearney I-35 Interchange

MODOT and The City of Kearney are in the process of installing a new Interchange off I-35 highway and installing roundabouts. This work will require the relocation of several PWSD #6 water mains and customer services in the Nation Road/144th St area. Decker Construction Services was awarded the bid for the water main relocation, and all costs accrued by PWSD 6 are subject to reimbursement from the MODOT and City of Kearney. 3/14/23 Project Complete.

State Route 92 Hwy Improvement

MODOT is planning on widening the road, re-ditching the storm culverts, and improving the sight distance by cutting down several hills on 92 Hwy. As a part of the scope of MODOT’s work, the Right of Ways are moving in several locations, causing PWSD #6 to relocate our utilities into newly provided Utility Easements. MODOT is scheduled to begin work in late June/early July, although you have probably already seen several contractors in this area, due to the for mentioned improvements. PWSD #6 has awarded the bid to Menke Excavation for all necessary water lines to be moved and has a tentative starting schedule of Mid-June. This project will include roughly 5500 ft of new water main installed.

Plattsburg Rd Water Line Improvement

The District installed roughly 10,000 ft of 12" Water line from Water St. East along 92 highway and South along Plattsburg Rd to 144th St. This replacement included eliminating a deteriorating 4-inch watermain on Plattsburg Rd and building the first phase of the Districts Water Service Improvement Plan. All services in the scope of work were tied into the new Watermain and old Watermains were abandoned. C & S Contractors are scheduled to come back in the fall to address all restoration issues (final grade, remove any excess dirt or limbs/trees removed during construction, and hydroseed.) A fall restoration allows time for all excavated areas to settle naturally, minimizing the need to revisit the same site several times due to settlement, and gives two wet seasons for the grass seed to take root. This project is one of the many ways PWSD #6 is dedicated to serving our customers with quality water at the best possible price!

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